Monday, January 21, 2008

Walk For Life 2008

Hi everyone, I'm Melissa and I just thought I'de use Art's blog to share a little bit about my wonderful experience this past weekend. I attended my first Walk For Life in San Francisco! This years Walk For Life was a great out come with over 25,000 people showing up to show their support for life. The day also included prayers for those who have been killed through abortion and also to pray for the women who have been hurt through abortion. This is a spiritual battle that we are fighting against everyday, along with abortion genocide. Please continue to pray for the rights of the unborn and for the healing of all women who have suffered from their abortion.

For more information about this year's Walk for Life event, please visit their website by clicking on the link below.

Walk for Life

Friday, January 4, 2008

Rapture: David B. Currie

Lately, my family has found it pretty easy to shop for me when it comes to birthday’s and holidays. Its come down to books or amazon gift cards to buy more ‘books’. Either way I’m content because everything results in me getting a new book(s). So this Christmas, with much thanks to my aunt Pearl for my amazon gift card, I was able to pick up three new books! However, one of them had a little more excitement to it than the others because it was sitting on my amazon-shopping list for about 4 months. The book is titled, “Rapture: The End-Times Error That Leaves the Bible Behind” written by David B. Currie."

I remember hearing about this book when I was listening to Dr. Brant Pitre’s talk on ‘The End Times.’ Dr. Pitre highly recommended this book for anybody doing any type of study on the ‘Last Things.’ And of course, little did I know, that not only had one of my favorite Catholic Theologians highly recoommend this book, but another favorite Catholic Scholar of mine, Dr. Scott Hahn, provided the foreword for it! . . I KNOW!!

I’ve provided a small text from the foreward to give you an idea of some of Dr. Hahn’s thoughts on Currie’s remarkable work.

“Rapture is much more than its title suggests. It’s more than a topical treatment of a Fundamentalist fad. It’s more than a book of apologetics. Its more thana refuation of an interpretive error.
I’m tempted to describe it as a virtual summa of apocalyptic texts and prophetic positions. In Rapture, Currie gives us a comprehensive collection of the biblical texts that Fundamentalist Protestants have commonly interpreted as end time predictions. He subjects each passage to sane and sober analysis, correcting errors along the way, and establishing a range of reasonable intrepretations, all in harmony with the Catholic Church’s living Tradition.”

[1] “Rapture: The End-Times Error That Leaves the Bible Behind” written by David B. Currie.