Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Philosophy of Jesus

I have recently been introduced to Peter Kreeft. Dr. Kreeft is a philosophy professor at Boston College and a fantastic Catholic apologist. He has written a Catholic version of the C.S. Lewis classic, The Screwtape Letters (one of my all time favorites).

I just started reading The Philosophy of Jesus and was floored with the introduction. Kreeft begins by explaining the four basic questions of philosophy:

1. What is real? (metaphysics)
2. How can we know what is real? (epistemology)
3. Who are we? (philosophical anthropology)
4. What should we be? (ethics)

Kreeft then goes on the say that philosophers have argued about these four questions for most of the last two millennia. One philosopher spends his time arguing that the others are idiots...and he usually proves it. The Christian response to these four questions is what has my wheels turning. This is what Dr. Kreeft has to say:

"The Christian answer: because the only adequate and final answer to all four great philosophical questions is Christ. The most philosophical writer in the Bible, John, begins his Gospel by identifying Jesus with the Logos ("In the beginning was the Logos, and the Logos was with God and the Logos was God...and the Logos became flesh and dwelt among us.") What is the Logos? It is an incredibly rich Greek word. Here are some of its meanings: the Logos means the Word of God, the Revelation of God, the Speech of God, the Wisdom of God, the Mind of God, the Truth of God, the Reason of God, the Philosophy of God.

"Jesus is God's philosophy. "

What does this mean for us? How is Jesus the philosophy of God? I am having quite a time trying to wrap my mind around this one. If anyone has any thoughts on this, please leave them in the comment box.


Art said...

Jesus is God's philosophy. I think when Jesus became man, He helped all of us understand how much our Heavenly Father Truely, Truely loves us. I think when we come to understand Jesus' life, death, and resurrection in its fullness, it helps us, or it reveals to us Our Heavenly Father's love for us and our call to love one another. . . Let me know what you think?


Anonymous said...

Too bad amazon won't let us flip through those pages yet. .

Art said...

Too bad Amazon won't let us flip through those pages yet. .

David Cox said...

I think you are absolutely right Art. I think it is finally starting to sink in that Jesus doesn't point us to God...Jesus is God. And since God is love, Jesus is the manifestation of that love.

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