Monday, April 6, 2009


"Humility lies in peaceful acceptance of one's own radical proverty, which leads people to place all their trust in God. Humble people, for whom God is everything, are happy to accept the fact that they are nothing. They don't carry on about their wretchedness: they consider it a stroke of luck, since it gives God the chance to show how merciful He is."

Jaques Phillippe, Time for God

My oldest son, Dawson, loves to serve on the altar. Absolutely loves it. A couple of Sundays ago, he didn't have a particular job. He just took his place behind the tabernacle and didn't even have one of the seats on the altar. He didn't hold a patent during communion or help during the Liturgy of the Eucharist. He just sat in the back and knelt during the times of prayer. I wondered to myself if he was upset because he had no "special" responsibility during mass. During our walk home, Dawson looks at me and says, "Dad, did you notice that I didn't have a job on the altar."
I said, "Yeah, I noticed. Why was that?"
He says, "Because I want to learn humility."

If that were me, I would have said, "Because I am so humble I can't even stand it! Look at how humble I am. Oh, man, I am humble."

Why don't I get it? Why is it that when I am prideful, I repent. And then when I repent, I feel prideful for how "spiritual" I am being? I guess it is time to read Screwtape again!

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